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Biodegradable Antiscalant and Dispersant

These products are a multivariate scale and corrosion inhibitor with non-phosphor and non-nitrogen, it has good scale inhibition and dispersion for calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, calcium fluoride and silica scale, with effects better than that of ordinary organophosphines. When built with organophosphates, the synergism effects are obvious. PESA has good biodegradation properties, it can be widely used in circulating cool water system in situation of high alkaline, high hardness and high pH value. PESA can be operated under high concentration index. PESA has good synergism with chlorine and other Water Treatment Chemicals. PASP is a kind of biopolymer materials, of which molecules contains abundant amido bond, carboxyl and other active groups. Amido peptide bond has biological activity and high chemical stability, hard to decompose at high temperature  

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1 Polyepoxysuccinic Acid (PESA) 51274-37-4
2 Sodium Salt of Polyaspartic Acid (PASP) 181828-06-8